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How to avoid children taking medicine by mistake

Apr 17 , 2018

With the development of society and techology, more and more attention paied on children's health. According to statistics, China's annual poisoning caused by the mistake drug treatment for children with about 30000 ~ 50000, the leading causes of death in children, about 2000 ~ 3000, leave sequela or disabled children, about 3000 ~ 4000, a year to treat these children with the cost of more than two hundred million yuan.China now has more than 220 million children aged between 0 and 14 years old, and every day children are poisoned by drug abuse.

How to avoid children taking medicine by mistake

child proof container

So pharmaceuticals packaging need do something for children's safe. Plastic bottle with child resistant cap is an effective way to keep children away from danager. Working principle of the Child Resistant Cap is depend on the pressure and rotational to open the cap,the torque measurement need to be measured under pressure. Child Resistant Cap adopts double-canopy structure,inner cap and thread of bottle neck connected, cover and inside links,it need external force to press the cover and turn to open. It can effectively prevent children opening bottle caps, However, it's convenient for adults to open the cap structure.

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