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Introduction of two caps for effervescent tablet packaging

Sep 13 , 2021

Effervescent tablet packaging is a packaging containing vitamin effervescent tablets or chewable tablets and other dosage forms. It has good moisture resistance. According to the different packaging requirements of pharmaceutical companies, this packaging contains two types of bottle caps.

Introduction of two caps for effervescent tablet packaging

caps for effervescent tube

Spring cap: This bottle cap is characterized by a spiral spring on the cap, this spring is made of LDPE raw materials, can play a role in compressing the tablets, and avoid being broken due to various external forces during transportation. It also reduces unnecessary losses for pharmaceutical companies. The LDPE material has good flexibility. The use of this material as a coil spring will neither crush the fragmentation agent due to the too hard texture, nor cause the medicine to be poorly fixed due to the too soft texture and too small pressure. It can give full play to the spring design. The advantages. In addition, this kind of bottle cap also has a feature that it has a desiccant. Unlike ordinary medicine bottles, the effervescent tablet packaging puts the desiccant on the cap, saving space, and is a cap with moisture-proof function. .

Introduction of two caps for effervescent tablet packaging

effervescent tablet tube 84mm

Non-spring cap: This kind of bottle cap is different from the spring cap. There is no spring on the cap, but it also has a moisture-proof function. Generally, vitamin chewable tablets and small-dose candy tablets will choose this kind of cap, and some vitamin C effervescent tablet manufacturers will also use this kind of bottle cap.

The above are the two types of caps and their characteristics for effervescent tablet packaging. These two different types of caps meet the differentiated needs of pharmaceutical companies for packaging, and are also a manifestation of the continuous development and diversification of pharmaceutical packaging.

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