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Caps for effervescent tubes
  • Caps for effervescent tubes
  • Caps for effervescent tubes
  • Caps for effervescent tubes
  • Caps for effervescent tubes
Caps for effervescent tubesCaps for effervescent tubesCaps for effervescent tubesCaps for effervescent tubes

Caps for effervescent tubes

    Size: Outer diameter: 30mm or 23mm Diameter:27mm or 21mm

    Material: PE cap

    Cap: Spiral cap with desiccant

    Desiccant Composition: Silica gel, molecular sieve or the mixture

    Certificate: ISO9001:2008  DMF

ReferenceTube Heght(mm)Neck Outside(mm) Neck Inside(mm)Cap Diameter(mm)Desiccant Weight(g)Tube Material

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Caps for effervescent tubes

The spiral desiccant closures&caps or stoppers provide maximum protection while enhancing the shelf life of tablets. Our spiral desiccant closures come with an inbuilt tamper evident ring which can protect the integrity of your product while the spiral design of the cap helps in keeping the product in place during transportation. Desiccant incorporated directly into the closure to rapidly and thoroughly absorb moisture within the effervescent tablet tube thus extending shelf life and ensuring that your product quality remains intact. Our desiccant caps come with silica gel or molecular sieve or both to prevent from light, humidity and moisture.

Xinfuda desiccant caps provide protection from moisture as alternatives to drop-in style desiccants. Assembled to the inside of standard pharmaceutical caps, desiccant containers rest in the neck of pharmaceutical containers instead of intermingling with package contents.


  • The spiral ring inside the desiccant caps or stopper protects the tablet from breakage

  • Protects the tablet from light, humidity and moisture

  • The ring in the spiral desiccant closures protects against pilferage

  • The spiral desiccant closures can come in a variety of colors to offer an attractive packaging option

  • Desiccant caps are customer friendly and easy to open



  • Desiccant closures or caps are available with and without the spiral feature

  • Caps are available in a wide variety of colors

  • Free samples

  • Packaging as your requirement

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