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Test method for puncture force of COP bottle rubber stopper aluminum cap

Sep 10 , 2021

COP bottle is a new type of packaging, mainly used in high protein, anti-tumor or PH value greater than 9. Most of these drugs are injection preparations, so the bottle cap of this kind of packaging is a rubber stopper aluminum cap. In order to ensure ease of use, this type of bottle cap is generally subjected to a puncture force test.

Test method for puncture force of COP bottle rubber stopper aluminum cap

COP vial

COP bottle is a plastic packaging bottle made of COP as raw material and processed by injection stretch blowing technology. The COP raw material has good physical and chemical stability, not only has high transparency, but does not peel off in the compatibility test with medicines, is not easy to change color after radiation, and has excellent low protein adsorption and chemical barrier properties. It is especially suitable for some packaging requirements. High protein drugs.

The puncture force test of the aluminum cap of the COP bottle rubber stopper mainly refers to the test of its built-in butyl rubber stopper. Since the rubber stopper is in direct contact with the medicine, the country has issued relevant standards to require its quality. According to the second method of YBB00322004-2015, the force required to pierce the bottle stopper must not exceed 10N. Test method: Take 10 injection bottles equipped with rubber stoppers, add water of nominal capacity, install the pretreated rubber stoppers to be tested, add aluminum caps or aluminum-plastic combination caps, and seal them. Place an injection needle on the material testing machine and fix it, put the injection bottle into the material testing machine, open the aluminum cap or aluminum-plastic combination cap, leak out the rubber stopper marked part, the puncture device performs vertical puncture at a speed of 200mm/min, and record the glue The maximum force applied by the plug puncture. Replace an injection needle and repeat the above steps until all the rubber plugs are punctured once.

Whether the rubber stopper of the COP bottle cap is easy to puncture will affect the safety and convenience of medical staff in extracting injection preparations, and it is also the basic requirement for the packaging of medicines.

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