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The different of glass syringe and plastic syringe

Apr 24 , 2019

Glass syringes and plastic syringes have their own production processes. Here is a brief introduction to the production process of glass syringes:

The different of glass syringe and plastic syringe

syringe factory

  1. Pulling pipe China has already possessed dozens of drawing tube furnaces, but it can only be used for ampoules and vials. The material and tolerance requirements of glass prefilled syringes are very high, belonging to Class A glass tubes, and there is no domestic A supplier can produce. Mainly international suppliers.

  2. Pipe cutting If you want to make a glass syringe, you must cut the glass tube and heat it through a mold. There are two major genres of horizontal molding and vertical molding. It has two major advantages: the cutting tube is separated from the molding, and the chips generated by the cutting tube will not be sintered on the glass tube to form black spots; in this way, the bottom end of the syringe is flat, and the injection liquid can be fully utilized, and the vertical type When molding, the bottom end will form a curved surface, and the injected liquid will remain. In the pre-filled international market, more than 95% of the syringes are produced by horizontal machines. The advantage is that the footprint is small and the speed is fast.

  3.  Annealing In order to eliminate the heat treatment due to the stress generated by high-temperature glass forming, the principle is the same as that of the domestic ampoules, and the domestically produced equipment can fully meet the process requirements according to the temperature curve.

  4. Needle assembly After the glass syringe is processed, it is necessary to fix the steel needle for injection to the syringe through UV glue.

  5. The common production speeds of cleaning, silicidation and needle sleeve assembly equipment are 6000/hour, 12000/hour, 18000/hour and 24000/hour, respectively.

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