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What are the packaging requirements for effervescent tablets

Dec 27 , 2018

The rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, the use of medicinal plastic bottles is more and more widely used, plastic bottles of different uses, but their use can be different, the drugs are not the same. Medicinal plastic bottles are used in a strict range of medicines. To ensure the safety of medicines and the performance of bottles, they will not be easily deformed. The moisture-proof bottles can protect the medicine from moisture and allow the medicine to exert its effects better.

What are the packaging requirements for effervescent tablets

effervescent packaging

In order to meet this demand, "dry liquid preparation" - effervescent tablets came into being, it gathered the essence of ordinary oral tablets and liquid preparations and made up for the deficiency of both, becoming a new type of dosage that consumers love. . The predecessor forms of oral effervescent tablets are foamed soda, foaming tablets, effervescent, effervescent infusion and topical effervescent tablets.

What are the packaging requirements for effervescent tablets

effervescent tablet tube

Today's medicinal moisture-proof bottles are made up of different sizes of barrels and moisture-proof caps. The two points of this plastic bottle are the design of the cover. The bottle cap is composed of silica gel, spiral ring and small medicine bin. The silica gel plays a role of adsorbing moisture in the inside, which can prevent the drug from damaging after absorbing water. The spiral ring plays a role in protecting the tablet medicine here, and can prevent the tablet from being damaged by shaking during the transportation process, and the small drug warehouse is mainly It is used to hold silica gel desiccant to prevent children from eating and protecting.

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