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Effervescent Tablet Tube Test Specification

Nov 14 , 2017

The concept of the inspection result exceeding standard management was introduced for the first time, which means that the test result is beyond the legal standard and the enterprise internal control standard. Excessive inspection results do not necessarily mean that the sample inspection is not qualified. How can the effervescent tablet tube manufacturer be implemented?

Effervescent Tablet Tube Test Specification

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First, the operating procedures for the establishment of inspection results exceeding the limits of the investigation within the company. Laboratory investigation was carried out according to the regulations to confirm whether it was laboratory bias. If it is not the laboratory deviation, the R & D, technology and production personnel should be organized to investigate the production process. It can also be interpreted as two categories: laboratory bias and non laboratory bias.

Effervescent Tablet Tube Test Specification

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The laboratory deviation shall investigate any deviation of the test results caused by the factors related to the inspection process,A laboratory survey should be carried out by the professional personnel. The non laboratory deviation refers to the deviation of the test results caused by any other factors except the deviation of the laboratory. The above deviation analysis also standardizes the concrete implementation of the inspection results exceeding the standard for effervescent tablet tube factory. 

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