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Bottle for test strips

Jul 10 , 2018

Good for 6 months after you first open the bottle or until the expiration date, whichever comes first. Good to the expiration date on the bottle. The strips have an 18 month life span and it is estimated that once they arrive at the retailer they have14 to 16 months left.


Bottle for test strips

bottle for test strips

usually which finger is right to test blood glucose?

Prick your finger with the lancing device at the sides of the finger as there are less nerve ending here than at the tips or the 'pads'. Recommended finger: the World Health Organisation recommends the middle or ring fingers are used for blood glucose tests.

These empty containers essentially replace the 35 mm film containers that were once popular (and can still be found in bulk). But the glucose test strip containers are more weather proof, close more securely and more readily available in some ways than the old 35mm film containers.

Bottle for test strips

blood glucose strip vials

I found out about this tip from a friend of whose someone developed Type I diabetes as an adult.Though diabetes ran in her family, an active lifestyle and a sensible diet throughout most of her life apparently kept disease at bay well in adulthood.

In any case, she is also an active apparently these glucose test strip containers work really well for small geocaches. 

For campers or backpackers, these containers can hold matches, a small sewing kit, fish hooks, condiments such as salt and pepper…and the myriad other items the old 35mm containers were used for when spending time outside. But, these glucose test strip containers are better for the reasons noted above.

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