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Xinfuda Packaging as one of Chinese packaging manufacturer, we starts from 2001, going through nearly twenty years on design, production, selling to all the word. Moisture proof packaging is the key point of our pharmaceutical packahing, COP and DPI is our new products in research field.

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safe medicine packaging

May 28 , 2018

Now,many countries pay attention to the medicine packaging,because many children eat medicine by mistake,so many medicine factories develop the safe medicine packagings.The child proof bottle is one kind of the safe packagings.The full name of child proof bottle is the child resistant cap bottle.How do the CRC bottle work? The unique structure is the cure of the child proof bottle.

safe medicine packaging

child proof bottle

Working principle of the child proof bottle is depend on the pressure and rotational to open the cap,the torque measurement need to be measured under pressure. child proof container adopts double-canopy structure,inner cap and thread of bottleneck connected, cover and inside links,it need external force to press the cover and turn to open .It can effectively prevent children open bottle caps.It is convenient for adult to open and cap structure is simple.

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