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Which packaging rosuvastatin calcium tablets need

Nov 02 , 2018

The rosuvastatin calcium tablet packaging protects the drug from the deterioration of the product and provides basic information about the product. In the storage of medicines, attention should also be paid to conditions such as water vapor and light heat to prevent the effects of drugs from being affected by moisture deterioration.

Which packaging rosuvastatin calcium tablets need

moisture proof packaging

Rosuvastatin calcium tablets for primary hypercholesterolemia (Type IIa, including heterozygous familial hyperplasia) for dietary control and other non-pharmacological treatments (eg, exercise therapy, weight loss) Cholesterolemia) or mixed dyslipidemia (type IIb). This product is also suitable for patients with homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia as an adjunct to dietary control and other lipid-lowering measures (such as LDL removal therapy) or when these methods are not applicable.

Which packaging rosuvastatin calcium tablets need

transparent bottle with desiccant cap

Plastic tube is generally used in the packaging of effervescent tablets and products need dry environment to protect against moisture and damage. When effervescent tablets are packaged early, they pay most attention to the sealing dryness of the package. Another design for the effervescent bottle is the spring with a spiral on the platform to prevent effervescence from being damaged during transport.

Which packaging rosuvastatin calcium tablets need

bottle with desiccant lid

The medical moisture-proof bottle is composed of a low-density polyethylene (LDPE) bottle cap skeleton, a desiccant, and a cardboard. Desiccant is used for moisture and mildew of medicines and foods. The commonly used desiccant can be divided into a physical adsorption desiccant and a chemical adsorption desiccant, and the silica gel desiccant in the physical adsorption desiccant meets the US FDA standard and is verified to be harmless to the human body. Silica gel desiccants physically adsorb water molecules in their structures.

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