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what is the structure of desiccant cap

Dec 20 , 2018

The moisture-proof combination cap serves as a container for protecting medicines from moisture or damage to medicines, health foods and diagnostic products. The bottle body and cap form a sealing system to prevent sensitive products from getting wet, prolong the shelf life and enhance brand value. The moisture-proof combination bottle body and cap use special design features and plastic materials to prevent moisture from entering and absorb moisture generated by water vapor transmission effect. The moisture-proof combination cover features include:

Is the desiccant in moisture-proof bottle safe

desiccant packaging

1. Anti-theft ring: There is no bottle buckle at the bottle neck. When the moisture-proof cover is covered, the anti-theft ring will be stuck. When it is opened, the anti-theft ring will automatically fall off.

2. Sealing: It adopts double material system (polyethylene cap and polypropylene bottle body) and innovative shaping design. The sealing and container are perfectly sealed, and the water vapor transmission effect is strictly controlled.

3, cork spring: optional cap to ensure that the tablet does not shift, especially during transportation, to avoid the bumps affected by the bumps

4, desiccant: the desiccant chamber of the bottle cap can be used to match the desiccant of various types, quantities and attributes to ensure that the product is properly protected.

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