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PET oral liquid bottle

Dec 21 , 2018

In the pharmaceutical industry, oral liquid is used more, and oral liquid has always been based on glass packaging, because traditional glass is very easy to break, transportation is extremely inconvenient, and sealing is not convenient, many users use it is very troublesome, even in the bottle of oral liquid, the phenomenon of glass slag is lost, which not only affects the safety of the product, but also affects the safety of use. So with the advent of plastic bottles slowly replaced the glass bottles.


PET liquid bottle

The material of the oral liquid PET bottle is mainly made of polyester material. Since polyester can easily obtain a polyester product which is basically amorphous, highly transparent and easy to stretch by rapid cooling, when used as a packaging material, The polyester can be made into a biaxially stretched packaging film, and can obtain a high-strength, high-transparency stretch blow molded bottle from an amorphous preform, or can be directly extruded or blown into a non-stretched hollow container. Polyester bottles, especially stretch blow molding bottles, give full play to the properties of polyester, have a good display effect on the contents, and the cost is low.

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