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What drugs can effervescent tubes be used for

Sep 20 , 2022

The effervescent tube is a very good moisture-proof packaging. It adopts a straight barrel design and absorbs the internal moisture through the built-in desiccant in the lid. So, which drugs are mainly used for packaging with such excellent functionality?

Requirements for the moisture content of the desiccant in the effervescent tube

144mm*29mm effervescent tube packaging

1. Effervescent tablet: Effervescent tablet is different from ordinary tablet. It uses organic acid and basic carbonate (hydrogen) salt to react as effervescent disintegrant. When placed in water, effervescent reaction occurs immediately, generating and releasing a large amount of effervescent disintegrant. Carbon dioxide gas, like boiling, hence the name effervescent tablet. As a tablet, it is prone to deliquescence and even mildew after being exposed to moisture, so effervescent tubes are chosen as the packaging.

2. Capsules: Capsules are a common type of pharmaceutical dosage form in our lives. In medicine, they refer to capsules made of special film-forming materials (such as gelatin, cellulose, polysaccharides, etc.), and the contents (such as powder, liquid, etc.) medicines, etc.) or packed in doses for easy swallowing. This kind of drug is easy to cause adhesion and other conditions after being wet, and even affect the efficacy of the drug. The good moisture-proof function of the effervescent tube ensures the stability of the drug.

Requirements for the moisture content of the desiccant in the effervescent tube

caps for effervescent tube

To sum up, effervescent tubes are mainly used as effervescent tablets, capsules and other medicines that need moisture-proof preservation. In addition, tubes with a slightly lower height are also used to store blood sugar test strips.

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