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What are the types of caps for empty medicine bottles

Jun 10 , 2021

The bottle cap is an important part of the bottle. Its function is mainly to isolate the external environment from the influence of the contents. On the other hand, it also plays a certain decorative role. Empty medicine bottle is a common packaging form of medicine packaging. Generally, the bottle cap has the following types:

What are the types of caps for empty medicine bottles

desiccant cap

1. Ordinary caps: Generally, ordinary screw caps are selected for drugs that do not have special requirements for bottle caps. In order to ensure that the bottle has a good seal, this type of bottle cap will be sealed with aluminum foil gaskets, and its function is mainly to block The direct contact between the bottle mouth and the inside of the bottle cap prevents the bottle cap from being unable to completely block the external air.

2. Press and screw cap: This is a special bottle cap composed of an inner and outer double layer structure. When opening, it is necessary to screw down the cap while applying pressure. This opening method is suitable for children who are still in the developmental stage. It is said that it has a certain degree of difficulty, and it can avoid the accident of children ingesting drugs by mistake. Mainly used in some prescription drugs for lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.

3. Moisture-proof cap: This is a new type of bottle cap that combines desiccant and bottle cap into one. Generally, the desiccant is placed inside the bottle in the form of a bag, while the moisture-proof cap takes advantage of the space on the top of the bottle cap. The desiccant is placed in the small medicine bin on the top of the bottle cap, which not only avoids direct contact between the medicine and the desiccant, but also prevents children from ingesting the desiccant by mistake. This kind of bottle cap is mainly used in tablet medicine bottles with higher dryness requirements and larger dosage forms, such as effervescent tablets and candy compression tablets.

The above are three types of caps for empty tablet medicine bottles. Different drug dosage forms have different requirements for caps. In order to distinguish them from other brands, some pharmaceutical companies have special requirements for the color of caps.

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