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What are the characteristics of the plastic tablet bottle

Jun 09 , 2021

Medicine bottle is an important form of pharmaceutical packaging. According to the different dosage forms of medicine, it is divided into liquid medicine bottle and tablet medicine bottle. Today we mainly introduce several characteristics of plastic tablet medicine bottle.

What are the characteristics of the plastic tablet bottle

HDPE pill bottle

Tablet medicine bottles are mainly used to contain solid medicines such as tablets and capsules. Such preparations have good physical and chemical stability, low production and manufacturing costs, and are convenient to take and carry. But at the same time, this kind of medicine is also very afraid of moisture, and it is easy to deteriorate after being wet and cause the medicine to fail. Therefore, as a special packaging for solid medicines, the plastic tablet medicine bottle has the following characteristics:

1. Moisture resistance: In order to prevent the deterioration of solid drugs from moisture, the tablet medicine bottle needs to have good moisture resistance. The material of the bottle is generally selected from polyethylene, polypropylene and other materials that have good barrier properties to the external environment. The plastic tablets and bottles also produce a certain amount of moisture during the production process, so a desiccant is placed inside the bottle to absorb this moisture. To ensure the dryness of the drug storage environment and maintain the efficacy.

2. Convenience: In order to control the pouring dose of the liquid medicine, the bottle mouth is generally smaller, while the solid medicine is the opposite. In order to facilitate the taking of the medicine, the mouth diameter of the tablet medicine bottle is generally relatively large.

The above are the two basic characteristics of the plastic tablet medicine bottle. In addition, some medicines are easy to decompose when exposed to light. When choosing the packaging, a brown bottle is used to ensure the stability of the medicine during the validity period.

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