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The importance of eye drop bottle design

Apr 22 , 2021

In today's prevalence of electronic products, eye diseases caused by this are more and more common, and eye drop bottles as a common packaging for ophthalmic drugs have also attracted more attention, especially in terms of the safety and convenience of the appearance design for patients. 

The importance of eye drop bottle design

eye drops bottle

Eyes are relatively sensitive organs, and a little carelessness can easily cause damage. However, during the use of eye drops, people often accidentally drip the glue into the eyes because the shape of the eye drops bottle and the glue bottle are too similar, causing very serious consequences. This situation occurs on the one hand because of the user's carelessness, and on the other hand, it is because of the design of the eye drop bottle. Two products with such a big difference in efficacy should be strictly distinguished in appearance design, and they can be distinguished by the feel even when they are not clearly visible.

On the other hand, the appearance design of the eye drop bottle should be considered for use by special groups of people on the premise that it satisfies the basic functions. The shape and color of traditional eye drop bottles are mostly simple, and children are prone to fear when they use them. For children, interesting designs can be used to ease the fear of drugs, such as drawing on cartoon images in animations and using bright colors in colors.

With the increase in myopia and eye diseases, the use of eye drops has become more and more common, and people's requirements for packaging have become higher and higher. While satisfying the basic functions of the eye drop bottle, it is necessary to strengthen innovation in appearance design and enhance the applicability of pharmaceutical packaging.

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