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How to choose the desiccant inside the effervescent tube

Apr 25 , 2021

An effervescent tablet is a special tablet that contains an effervescent disintegrant, which is easily decomposed by moisture and releases a large amount of carbon dioxide gas. Therefore, the effervescent tablet has high requirements for the moisture resistance of the effervescent tube, and it is necessary to maintain the dryness of the effervescent tube. In addition to the selection of qualified packaging materials, the choice of desiccant is also very important.

How to choose the desiccant inside the effervescent tube

effervescent tablets tube

Desiccant refers to a substance that can remove moisture from moist substances. Commonly used desiccants include calcium chloride, silica gel, montmorillonite, molecular sieves, etc. The desiccant used inside the effervescent tube is mainly silica gel and molecular sieve, which is also YBB00172004 -Two types of desiccants required by the 2015 "Oral Solid Medicinal Low Density Polyethylene Moisture-proof Combination Bottle Caps" standard.

How to choose the desiccant inside the effervescent tube

desiccant cap

Molecular sieve desiccant is a synthetic desiccant product with strong adsorption to water molecules. Under ultra-low humidity conditions, it can still absorb a large amount of water vapor in the environment and effectively control the environmental humidity. Absorb a large amount of water vapor within a short time. Silica gel is a highly active adsorption material. The most suitable hygroscopic environment is room temperature (20~32℃) and high temperature (60~90℃). It can reduce the relative humidity of the environment to about 40%, so the application range of desiccant is very widely.

Pharmaceutical companies generally choose to mix silica gel and molecular sieves in a certain ratio to achieve a good moisture absorption period and moisture absorption speed. Some companies have special requirements for desiccants and only choose one of silica gel or molecular sieves. But no matter what you choose, silica gel and molecular sieve desiccant can be used to prevent moisture inside the desiccant packaging.

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