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How to choose a manufacturer of medicinal HDPE pills bottles

Apr 20 , 2021

Pharmaceuticals are necessities of people's lives. Plastic bottles for packaging capsules, powders and liquid preparations are usually called medical plastic bottles. High-density polyethylene bottles are the most widely used category. Pharmaceutical packaging material manufacturers on the market There are so many, how do pharmaceutical companies choose the right supplier?

How to choose a manufacturer of medicinal HDPE pills bottles

HDPE pills bottle

The quality of medicinal HDPE(high-density polyethylene) pills bottles is related to whether the drug can maintain good efficacy during the validity period. Choosing an excellent pharmaceutical packaging material supplier is a prerequisite for ensuring the quality of packaging. Generally speaking, manufacturers of pharmaceutical packaging need to have the following conditions and capabilities:

1. Certificate of medicine packaging material:

The certificate of pharmaceutical packaging materials is a basic requirement for a supplier of pharmaceutical packaging materials, and the number of certificates often determines the strength of the company. The certificate of pharmaceutical packaging materials refers to the "Registration Certificate for Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials." The Measures for the Administration of Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials and Containers (Interim) (Bureau Order No. 21) stipulate that "medical packaging materials must be registered by the drug regulatory authority and obtained the "Registration of Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials" It can be produced only after the certificate, and unregistered pharmaceutical packaging materials shall not be produced, sold, operated or used.

2. Clean workshop:

Medicine is a kind of special commodity, which has high hygiene requirements. As a supplier of pharmaceutical packaging, it is necessary to have a clean workshop. Only in this way can the medicinal high-density polyethylene bottles meet the hygienic standards and meet the requirements of medicinal packaging.

3. Production scale:

In addition to the certificate of pharmaceutical packaging materials and the clean workshop, the supply strength and scale of the pharmaceutical packaging material manufacturers cannot be ignored, which will determine whether the later packaging production line can operate normally and deliver on time.

Pharmaceutical companies can consider the above aspects when choosing a manufacturer of high-density polyethylene bottles for pharmaceuticals. In addition, they should also pay attention to factors such as the quality of the product itself. 

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