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The difference of test strips packaging independent and tube

Jun 06 , 2019

Which individually packaged refers to each piece of blood glucose test strips are used alone plastic packaging, and bottled is to put all the blood glucose test strips are placed in a bottle, individually packaged more expensive, single package of blood glucose test strips are very easy to use.Unified bottled low cost, but need to be used in three months after opening the bottle.Here on the unified bottle of blood glucose test paper bottle naturally requires a lot of improvement, the first is moisture, the cap must have a desiccant to absorb water molecules remain within the validity of the test strip is not bad; secondly using flip cover design, easy to open.

The difference of test strips packaging independent and tube

test strips packaging

Before using the blood glucose test paper, make sure that the code number on the test paper bottle is the same as the one shown on the blood glucose meter.If the encoding is not set correctly, the blood glucose measurement results will be inaccurate.Please do not use expired test paper (most of the validity period is at the bottom of the test paper bottle), it is recommended that the test paper bottle cap be used up within three months after opening.Blood glucose meter and blood glucose test paper barrels at room temperature 10 degrees to 30 degrees.Avoid direct sunlight, pay attention to store in a cool dry place, can not be refrigerated;do not use wet hand contact refers to the surface.Note paper failure period, and to ensure that in the period of Use, remove the paper should immediately cover the cap.

When measuring the test strip, you can only use fresh fingertip capillaries whole blood, earlobe can also be used as a blood sample.Do not use venous blood, plasma or serum.Test strips can only be used at one time.

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