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Sterile for plastic syringe

Jun 19 , 2019

There are two normal sterile way for plastic syringe before filling medicine. Plastic veterinary syringe is simple, mainly by the tube, plunger, snap-cap, piston structure, which can effectively guarantee the accuracy of medication.

Sterile for plastic syringe

plastic 10cc syringe

Plastic dosing syringe mainly ethylene oxide and cobalt 60 sterilization treatment, which is mainly ethylene oxide sterilization gas sterilization, the current widely used in medical devices to sterilize ethylene oxide.Ethylene oxide is flammable and explosive gases, boiling point of 10. 8°C, a density of 1. 52g / cm3, at room temperature it is easy to volatilize into gas.

Ethylene oxide sterilization has the following advantages:

1.Can kill all microorganisms, including bacterial spores.

2.Sterile items can be wrapped, integrally packaged, can be maintained before use was sterile.

3.Does not corrode plastics, metals and rubber;

4.Can penetrate irregular objects.

Cobalt 60 sterilization for irradiation sterilization methods are characterized by:

1.Strong penetration, irradiation without disassembling the product packaging, to ensure that all parts of the product are subject to uniform irradiation, can achieve the effect of sterilization.

2.Irradiation sterilization at normal temperature and pressure, no residue, no pollution, no residue, convenient and fast.

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