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Product Features of Health Care Bottles

Sep 17 , 2018

The health care product packaging bottle uses polypropylene vegetables as the main raw material. PP is polymerized from propylene. PP is a polymer, which is a typical stereoregular polymer. Its properties are affected by the relative molecular mass and relative molecular mass distribution, and also by its regularity.

Product Features of Health Care Bottles

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At present, most of the industrial production is isotactic polypropylene, which has a lower gas permeability and a lower transmittance than PE, and has a small water absorption (<0.02%). It is light, inexpensive, non-toxic and tasteless, and is a good medicine. Use packaging materials. The bottle of health care products is resistant to various chemicals, including strong acids, alkalis and most organic substances. It is resistant to high temperature steam sterilization and ethylene oxide sterilization at 121 °C. It is not suitable for dry heat sterilization and irradiation sterilization. 

Product Features of Health Care Bottles

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Stress cracking is not easy due to high mechanical strength. The main disadvantages of polypropylene (PP) are poor resistance to low temperature and become brittle at -20 degrees. It is widely used as packaging materials for containers and other pharmaceuticals. When the wall of the container is thick, the polypropylene product is milky white and opaque.

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