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What are the packaging requirements for effervescent tablets

Feb 08 , 2021

Effervescent tablets are a relatively new type of pharmaceutical dosage form. Different from ordinary tablets, effervescent tablets use organic acids and alkali carbonates to react as effervescent disintegrants. When placed in water, an effervescent reaction occurs immediately, generating a large amount of carbon dioxide. gas. What are the characteristics of such a special dosage form, and what are the requirements for packaging?

What are the packaging requirements for effervescent tablets

effervescent tablet tube

At present, the effervescent tablets on the market are divided into oral and topical types. The topical type is generally medicinal and is mainly used to treat gynecological inflammation. The oral type is mainly health-care effervescent tablets, such as vitamin C effervescent tablets and multi-dimensional effervescent tablets , Calcium supplement effervescent tablets and iron supplement effervescent tablets, etc. Oral effervescent tablets have the advantages of convenient taking, easy to carry, and rapid onset of action. They are suitable for the elderly, children and patients who have difficulty in swallowing medicines, but they should not be left for too long after soaking, so as not to affect the efficacy of the medicine.

Combining the characteristics of effervescent tablets, we can summarize its functional requirements for effervescent tubes: easy to carry, sealed and moisture-proof. First of all, from the perspective of portability, the capacity of the effervescent tube should not be too large. The usual capacity is 99mm133mm, 144mm and the number of tablets placed does not exceed 20. Pharmaceutical companies can choose a packaging with corresponding capacity according to the thickness of the tablet.

Secondly, it is sealed and moisture-proof. This factor is mainly controlled by the pharmaceutical packaging material and desiccant. The material is generally made of polypropylene with better waterproof performance, which can meet the requirements of moisture-proof. In order to ensure the dryness of the environment in the bottle, pharmaceutical companies generally require a desiccant to be placed in the effervescent tube. The desiccant can absorb moisture in the air to ensure the dryness of the tablet.

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