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How to prevent children from opening bottles to protect children's safety

Feb 12 , 2021

The safety of medication for children has always been a focus of social concern. In addition to the irregular prescription of medication for children, the abuse of antibacterial drugs, and the insufficient attention paid by parents to medication for children, seemingly ordinary drug packaging has also become an important factor leading to hidden dangers of medication for children. News of children being sent to the doctor due to accidental ingestion of medicines, disability or even death occur from time to time. How to protect children's safety and reduce the risk of accidental ingestion, a child-proof bottle with protective functions is gradually being widely used in the market.

How to prevent children from opening bottles to protect children's safety

child proof bottle HDPE

Children are in the growth and development period, and the body's metabolic organs are not yet mature. If the drug is taken by mistake or overdose, the body's catabolism is slow and not easy to discharge. It will not only cause damage to the main organs of the body, but also easily leave sequelae even if the treatment is timely. even death. It is imperative to reduce the risk of children accidentally ingesting medicines. Preventing children from opening the bottle is a good way to achieve this function.

The design principle of the child-proof bottle is mainly embodied in the bottle cap. The inner and outer double-layer structure design is connected by the card slot. If the packaging needs to be pressed down and rotated at the same time, it is still a problem because of the force involved in two directions Children in the developmental stage have poor coordination skills and are generally difficult to open the package in a short time. For adults, it can be easily opened according to the tips on the child-proof bottle.

At present, some cardio-cerebrovascular drugs and mental drugs have gradually begun to use child-proof bottles. I believe that more drugs will use this kind of packaging in the future to create a safe and healthy growth environment for children.

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