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How to test the safety of child-proof bottles

Mar 03 , 2021

With the development of the pharmaceutical industry, a variety of new preparations emerge in an endless stream, and the safety of pharmaceutical packaging has also received more and more attention. Among them, whether children can effectively prevent children from opening the packaging and accidentally eating drugs has become a problem that pharmaceutical companies need to consider. The emergence of the open bottle successfully solved this problem.

How to test the safety of child-proof bottles

45ml plastic medicine bottle with crc

The child-proof bottle is a special packaging with protective function. Its characteristics are mainly reflected in the bottle cap. The bottle cap is composed of an inner and outer double layer structure and is connected by a card slot. Only rotating the outer cap cannot open the package. It needs to be downwards. The bottle cap can be opened by rotating the bottle while pressing. The child is still in the developmental stage and has poor physical coordination. It is difficult to open the package, which effectively reduces the risk of accidental eating.

The child-proof packaging regulations are aimed at children younger than 5 years old, so how to test the safety of child-proof bottles? The United States Code of Federal Regulations requires that 50 children be divided into three age groups and asked to open the child-proof packaging to be tested. The test time is 10 minutes. If a child fails to open the package within the first 5 minutes, then the package will receive a certificate and the test will continue for 5 minutes. If a child opens the package within the first 5 minutes or within the next 5 minutes, then the package fails the child. To pass the test, no less than 85% of children must be unable to open the package in the first 5 minutes, and no less than 80% of children cannot open the package in the next 5 minutes. If the results of multiple tests are inconsistent, you need to change to another wave, and the number of children to be tested should not exceed 200.

Child safety is a matter of great concern to the country and every family. The use of child-proof bottles for medicines is an effective measure to reduce the accidental consumption of medicines by children, and it is also the joint responsibility of pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical packaging companies.

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