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How to protect the candy tablet tubes

Oct 15 , 2019

Due to the candy tablet production process, candy table tubes are decided that the candy tablet needs a certain moisture-proof ability. How to solve the problem of candy tablet moisture absorption? In many cases, candy tableting, due to transportation, customer use, packaging materials, raw materials, etc., causes problems such as moisture absorption and deterioration during the validity period, which leads to customer complaints, dealer returns and other consequences.

How to protect the candy tablet tubes

effervescent tubes

How to avoid these problems in the packaging, the traditional candy tablet pharmaceutical packaging is made of pvc board plus aluminum plastic bag, or the bottle is filled with bag desiccant. Because the customer seal is not timely, it is deteriorating; while the method of replenishing the desiccant in the bottle is desirable, it also has certain drawbacks. The desiccant and the candy tablet are in direct contact, posing a certain amount of danger.

Nowadays, more and more candy tablet companies choose to use similar bottles of effervescent tablets to make packaging materials. The characteristics of this type of candy tablet packaging are mainly embodied in the bottle cap. 1. The bottle cap is provided with a bottle buckle on the bottle neck. When the moisture cover is covered, the anti-theft ring will be stuck. When it is opened, the anti-theft ring Automatically fall off for anti-theft effect. 2. For the larger candy tablet of the tablet, there is a coil spring on the bottle cap, which can fix the tablet to prevent the bumps from being shaken during transportation. 3. There is a small medicine warehouse on the lid, which contains desiccant. The separation of desiccant and medicine ensures the safety of the medicine, and also prevents the candy tablet from being damp, affecting the taste and effect period.

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