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Plastic candy tubes and tablet technical standards

Oct 14 , 2019

The plastic candy tubes have been gradually developed from the original common medicine bottle to a more functional and more market-oriented direction. A medicinal package suitable for effervescent preparations and test strips, used by more tableting candy brands. The package can have a controlled amount of water molecules in the package to extend the potency of the drug and the taste of the compressed candy.

Plastic candy tubes and tablet technical standards

effervescent tablet packaging

The technical standards for compressed candy specify the product classification, technical requirements, experimental methods, inspection rules and signs, labels, packaging, transportation, storage, and requirements for tableting. Applicable to the production, inspection and sale of candy referred to in 3.8 of SB/T 10346-2008. The compression of tablets requires the main raw materials and auxiliary sugar (white sugar should meet the requirements of GB317); liquid glucose should meet the requirements of QB/T2319; sugar alcohol should meet the requirements of industry standards. Food additives should use the food additives specified in GB2760 and should comply with the corresponding product standards. The nutrition fortifier should use the food nutrition enhancer specified in GB14880 and should meet the corresponding product standards.

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