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How to choose packaging for candy tablets

Oct 16 , 2019

The mechanism of candy tablet production is mainly the process of narrowing the distance of particles or fine powder by pressure to produce sufficient cohesive force and tightly bonding. The loose particles have a small contact area with each other, and the distance is large, only the cohesive force in the particles, and there is no large gap between the particles, and the gap is filled with air. After compression, the particles slide tightly, the distance between the particles and the gap gradually shrink, the air is gradually discharged, some particles or crystals are crushed, the fragments are pressed and filled into the gap, and a certain pressure is reached, and the particles are close to a certain extent. The intermolecular attraction is sufficient to combine the particles into a unitary sheet.

How to choose packaging for candy tablets

effervescent tablet packaging

How to choose the compressed candy tablet tubes? At present, the main mainstream tableting sugar is mainly based on traditional medicine bottles. The desiccant is put into the bottle to prevent the candy tablets from being damp, resulting in high water content of the sugar particles and moisture fading. Since the effervescent tube tube moisture-proof packaging is widely used, the tableting of the desiccant into the bottle cap is gradually welcomed by customers and manufacturers.

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