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How to Open Effervescent Tubes with Moisture Resistance Stopper

Jan 30 , 2018

Effervescent tubes with moisture resistance stoppers are wonderful packaging for some food, medicine and test strip. Dry environment can keep food, medicine and test strip healthy with their need.



effervescent tablet packaging 


The effervescent tubes with desiccant and stoppers are made of tubes, desiccant, stoppers and even spiral. And then how to open the effervescent tubes with moisture resistance stopper?



desiccant and stopper 


First, when there are tablets in the tubes, it is sealing, looking for a notch on the cap.

Second, just put your thuumb on the notch of cap.

Third, push up the cap.

Fourth, the ring will fall off, the cap is open.



the way of opening tubes with moisture resistance stopper 


The way of opening effervescent tubes is easy and convenient, but it is hard for children to open, because it need large strength to separate the cap and ring . So it is safe for children. 


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