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Flip-Top Desiccant Vials

Aug 01 , 2018

Flip-Top Desiccant Vials have become a practical solution for in-vitro diagnostic test strips and several over-the-counter (OTC) drug products, gaining popularity for their simplicity and ease of use by consumers.

Flip-Top Desiccant Vials

flip-top desiccant vials


Diagnostic Test Strips

Nicotine Lozenges

OTC Drug Products

Effervescent Tablets

Flip-Top Desiccant Vials

test strip vials


Headspace maintained at

No interference from desiccant-thermoplastic lip inside vial

No desiccant-thermoplastic channeling agent migration

No packaging line changes; directly interchangeable with existing vial

Faster rate of adsorption and redesiccation during consumer-use

Available without desiccant

Vial with child-resistant (CR) closure available

DMF on file

Flip-Top Desiccant Vials

effervescent packaging

The integrated desiccant design provides the required protection against physical and chemical degradation and serves to ensure that healthcare products’ stability and effectiveness are maintained.

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