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Eye drop bottle purchase to control these points

Feb 22 , 2021

Eye drops are common drugs for the treatment of eye diseases. As packaging materials for direct contact with drugs, the quality of eye drops bottles is the focus of attention of pharmaceutical companies. At present, there are many types of pharmaceutical packaging materials. How to choose high-quality and suitable eye drop bottles has become the key to many pharmaceutical companies to improve their product competitiveness.

Eye drop bottle purchase to control these points

5ml eye dropper bottle

The eye drop bottle is composed of a bottle cap, a bottle body and a bottle mouth. Due to the high reusability, the torque of the bottle cap will directly affect the tightness of the package. Pharmaceutical companies should fully consider this factor when choosing eye drop bottles. . According to the regulations of "Low Density Polyethylene Medical Eye Drop Bottle", when the bottle cap is twisted at 55-80Ncm, the bottle mouth and cap should match properly, and the teeth should not be slippery.

Secondly, consider the tightness of the eye drop bottle. The detection method is as follows: take a few of this product, first open the bottle, and then tighten the cap (use a force wrench to tighten the bottle and cap with a torque of 55-80Ncm, and place it in Add a baffle to the container with an air extraction device, immerse it with water, and vacuum to a vacuum of 20kPa and maintain it for 2 minutes. There should be no water or bubbling in the bottle.

Eye drops are in direct contact with the eyes, which is a high-risk route of administration. Under certain conditions, plastic packaging will migrate some of the substances contained in it to the contents, which may trigger a reaction to the contents. Therefore, the eye drops bottle Non-volatiles detection is very important. Detection method: Precisely measure 50.0ml each of the test solution and the blank solution and place them in an evaporating dish with constant weight. After evaporating to dryness in a water bath, dry to constant weight at 105°C. The difference between the two should not exceed 5.0mg.

In summary, the quality of eye drop bottles is related to the effectiveness and safety of drugs. Cap torque, tightness, and non-volatile detection are several factors that pharmaceutical companies should focus on when choosing packaging. A powerful means to control packaging quality to ensure drug safety and improve product competitiveness.

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