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This factor of the eye drop bottle actually affects the brand image

Feb 01 , 2021

In the current era when electronic products such as mobile phones and computers are prevalent, eye fatigue and other eye discomfort symptoms caused by excessive eye use are increasing. Eye drops have become a good medicine to relieve eye fatigue and treat various eye diseases. In the application process of drugs, there is a factor that is very important, it will not only affect the user experience, but also related to the brand image of the company, that is, the dripping volume of the eye drop bottle.

This factor of the eye drop bottle actually affects the brand image

5ml eye dropper bottle

The dripping volume of the eye drop bottle is a very rigorous data, which refers to the unit volume of liquid medicine that can be released from the mouth of the eye drop bottle under a prescribed action. According to relevant regulations, the dripping volume of each drop of medicinal solution should be 0.05ml±0.01ml. Too much or too little will cause a bad experience for the patient and affect the sales of eye drops. Even a bad experience will prevent patients from buying eye drops of this brand again. For pharmaceutical companies, not only one customer is lost, but the brand image is also damaged.

How to measure the dripping volume of the eye drop bottle, generally follow the following methods: take several test bottles, inhale the sodium chloride solution of nominal capacity, wipe the mouth of the bottle dry, discard the first 10 drops, and then collect them evenly (10/ min) 50 drops, accurately measure the volume, calculate, the average dripping volume should be 0.05ml±0.01ml.

There are many eye drops products in the market, but the effects of drugs are all the same. In order to gain a place in the fierce market competition, pharmaceutical packaging companies must dare to innovate and have strict requirements. While doing a good job in product research and development, they can use eye drops. Work hard on the choice of the bottle to find a breakthrough.

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