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Excellent performance of plastic pharma bottles

Feb 02 , 2021

Pharmaceutical packaging has developed rapidly under the impetus of the pharmaceutical industry. Various new materials have emerged one after another. Medicine bottles have gradually been replaced from the original glass material by plastic materials with excellent performance, becoming the mainstream of pharmaceutical packaging materials. So, what are the excellent characteristics of plastic materials?

Excellent performance of plastic pharma bottles

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Plastic is a kind of high molecular polymer. This material originated in the middle of the 19th century. It has been widely used in the development process of more than 100 years. Electrical appliances, cables, automobiles, pipes, films, packaging, etc. Inseparable from plastic, most of the current medicine bottles are made of plastic. Can get such a wide range of applications, thanks to the good properties of plastics:

Excellent performance of plastic pharma bottles

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1. Light weight and not fragile

The density of the plastic is between 0.8-2.2g/cm3, the weight is light, and it is not fragile and easy to transport;

2. Good processing characteristics

Plastics can be flexibly selected processing technology according to the characteristics of the preparations placed in the medicine bottle, which is suitable for mechanized mass production;

3. Small thermal conductivity

The thermal conductivity of plastic is very small, about 1/500-1/600 of metal, which is an ideal thermal insulation material;

4. Good chemical stability

The plastic material has good corrosion resistance to general acids, alkalis, and greases, and is not easy to react. It is especially suitable for the packaging of some liquid preparations;

5. Good design

The plastic material can be made into medicine bottles of various colors by changing the formula and adding color masterbatches. The processing technology alone can be divided into blister, compression, injection, extrusion, blow molding, calendering, foam molding, etc. According to the different processing technology, processing into various shapes.

In summary, these excellent characteristics of plastics can fully meet the various needs of pharmaceutical packaging, and plastic medicine bottles have become mainstream products in the industry and are sought after by pharmaceutical companies.

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