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Effervescent tube design considers these factors

Jan 29 , 2021

Pharmaceutical packaging is an important part of the marketing of drugs. Packaging quality, packaging functions, convenience, etc. will affect the later market reputation and market share of drugs, which is crucial to the creation of corporate brand image. Effervescent tablets are a special preparation, mostly used to supplement human vitamins, and are popular among young people. So what factors should be considered in the design and function of the effervescent tube as its packaging?

Effervescent tube design considers these factors

144mm*29mm effervescent tablet tube

As a medicine packaging, the design of the effervescent tube should first consider the dryness of the packaging and the overall sealing of the packaging. These two factors are the key factors to maintain the validity period of the medicine and prevent the deterioration of the medicine from moisture. To maintain dryness, a desiccant can be placed in the effervescent tube. Generally, most desiccants used for pharmaceutical packaging are silica gel and molecular sieves. The tightness of the packaging is related to the design and material selection of the bottle cap, and the compatibility of the bottle body and the cap should be considered.

Secondly, the preparation of effervescent tablets is relatively fragile and fragile under the action of gravity. Therefore, the design of the effervescent tube should also consider how to effectively ensure that the tablet will not be broken due to violent bumps during transportation, which will affect the use of consumers. Experience. This factor can be considered from the ratio of the diameter of the effervescent tube to the tablet. The diameter of the effervescent tablet is generally larger. The diameter of the effervescent tube should be able to hold the tablet easily and facilitate filling, but the diameter should not be too large. Due to the large remaining space, the shaking amplitude is increased, causing damage to the tablet. In addition, you can also consider innovating on the bottle cap to fix the tablet.

Whether it is dryness, airtightness or the functionality of the effervescent tube, it is to cater to the various needs of effervescent tablets, so that consumers have a better experience, and it is also a way for pharmaceutical companies to improve brand competitiveness through drug packaging. Effective way.

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