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Different functions of medicinal bottle caps

May 26 , 2023

Pharmaceutical bottle caps are an important part of plastic bottles and play a vital role in the overall airtightness of packaging. With the continuous change of market demand, the functionality of the cap also presents a diversified development trend.

The innovative design of oral liquid bottle cap 

28mm child resistant  cap for liquid medicine

Desiccant cap: a bottle cap with moisture-proof function. It uses the space on the top of the cap to design a small medicine compartment to store desiccant to achieve moisture-proof effect. This design reduces the direct contact between the drug and the desiccant, and is suitable for tablet packaging of larger dosage forms, such as effervescent tablets, and can also be used for test strip packaging. There is also a cover that adds a coil spring on this basis to compress the tablet.

Design principle of moisture-proof medicinal bottle cap

effervescent tube cap

Child Resistant Cap: a safety cap with a childproof function. It adopts an inner and outer double-layer structure design, and the interior is connected by a card slot. If the lid is opened, the outer layer cap needs to be pressed down, and the inner layer cap is driven to rotate at the same time. Such an opening method involves applying force in two directions, which can improve the safety of the bottle and prevent children from opening the package at will and accidentally eating the medicine. For solid packaging and liquid preparation packaging, the lids are slightly different in design, but there is no difference in function.

Moisture-proof cap with CRC: On the basis of press-spin, the moisture-proof function is added. The small drug compartment on the top of the medicinal bottle cap is used to store the desiccant to avoid direct contact between the drug and the desiccant. It is suitable for tablets, capsules and other drugs that require moisture-proof storage.

Design principle of moisture-proof medicinal bottle cap

desiccant cap

The above are the different functions and applications of medicinal bottle caps. As a provider of overall functional packaging solutions, Xinfuda supplies various types of pharmaceutical bottle caps. For special needs, we can also provide exclusive customized services to meet your diverse needs.

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