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Advantage of effervescent tablet

Nov 29 , 2018

When effervescent tablet comes into contact with water or other liquids, it dissolves and dissolves in the liquid to become a solution, releasing carbon dioxide during this process. Such tablets are generally used to carry cleaning products such as nutrients, drugs, or biological enzyme lotions. It has been used in the pharmaceutical and food industry for decades and is used in Europe and continues to grow in the United States.

The principle of effervescent is to use a soluble organic acid and a basic metal carbonate. If this mixture comes into contact with water, it will produce carbon dioxide. Commonly used acids, such as citric acid, tartaric acid, etc., alkalis are mainly carbonates and bicarbonates, such as sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate).


effervescent tablet

Advantages compared to other oral dosage forms

First, faster absorption. In general, capsule tablets need to disintegrate smaller particles in the stomach before they can enter the intestines and allow them to be absorbed. The effervescent tablet can save this procedure and is easier to enter the intestines for absorption by the body. Especially for those who are difficult to digest in the stomach or those who have poor digestion in the stomach, the effervescent tablets absorb better.

Second, easy to swallow. For those who are sick, or elderly, children, and swallowing difficulties, effervescent tablets may be a good choice. Older people may have difficulty swallowing, but they need to take medications or supplements on a regular basis. In this respect, effervescent tablets are much easier than swallowing capsules, and there is no need to worry about sticking to the esophagus and not being swallowed.


effervescent tablet tubes

All these advantages all hidden fault, effervescent tablet is easier to react eith moisture in the air, so the packaging is the most important factor to keep effervescent tablet effective. So the packaging is more professional for packaging manufacturer, which have a higher level for packaging supplier, the most important is for design team of the manufacturer, a manufacturer is not only a producer, but also a creative team.

Xinfuda as a Chinese packaging manufacturer, we have professional designers, advanced equiment, GMP workshop and around service. I belive we can offer you all what you need.

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