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Effervescent vitamin tube

Dec 08 , 2018

Effervescent vitamin tube is generally used in the packaging of effervescent tablets to prevent moisture and damage. When effervescent tablets are packaged early, they pay most attention to the sealing dryness of the package. Another design for the effervescent bottle is the spring with a spiral on the platform to prevent effervescence from being damaged during transport.

Effervescent vitamin tube

effervescent vitamin tube

Precautions for making and packaging effervescent tablets:

First,the acid and alkali in the granulation should not be made with the main drug, because the general acid or alkali will have an effect on the stability of the drug, which may lead to unqualified degradation products.

Second, the degree of disintegration, the Pharmacopoeia does not exceed 5 minutes, it is relatively easy to achieve, our internal control standard is 90 seconds. In the granulation, a binder having a relatively low viscosity is used and granulated with a high concentration of ethanol (for example, anhydrous ethanol), which is rapidly dried, the particles are relatively loose, and the degree of disintegration is easily qualified. But pay attention to the friability, the Pharmacopoeia does not exceed 1%. (However, it seems that a special application can be made for effervescent tablets, and appropriate relaxation.) Finally, acid and base are added as additional excipients at the final mixing.

Effervescent vitamin tube

desiccant cap

Third, pay attention to the prepared particles should not be stored too long, and control the humidity.

Fourth, it is also necessary to control the humidity during tableting to prevent water absorption.

Fifth, as for packaging, you can choose double-aluminum packaging or high-density polyethylene bottles or PP plastic bottles that are not easy to permeate and oxygen-permeable to ensure their stability.

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