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Effervescent dosage tablets packaging

Nov 19 , 2018

Fundamentals of effervescents Effervescents consist of a soluble organic acid and an alkali metal carbonate salt, one of which is often the API. Carbon dioxide is formed if this mixture comes into contact with water. Typical examples of the acids and alkalis used include:

Effervescent dosage tablets packaging

effervescent dosage tablets

citric acid

tartaric acid

malic acid

fumaric acid

adipic acid

sodium bicarbonate

sodium carbonate

sodium sesquicarbonate

potassium bicarbonate

potassium carbonate

The disadvantages of effervescent dosage forms are the need for larger tablets, a complex production process and, very often, the need for specialist packaging materials.

Effervescent dosage tablets packaging

moisture proof tube for effervescent tablets

So moisture proof packaging is need for effervescent tablets, PE materinal tube with desiccant stopper cap, there are silica gel desiccant on the top of closure, which can absorbthe water in the sky to keep tablets effective.

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