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Why are effervescent tablets contaminated and deteriorated

Feb 11 , 2021

Effervescent tablets are a new type of preparation that originated from abroad and has also been widely used in China in recent years. Due to the complex production process, high difficulty and high production cost, this formulation has very strict requirements on packaging. The effervescent tube must not only meet the basic moisture-proof and sealing requirements, but also consider the impact of various impact forces on the tablet during transportation.

Why are effervescent tablets contaminated and deteriorated

effervescent tablet tube

The effervescent tube is a necessary part of the effervescent tablet to enter the market. If the effervescent tablet is contaminated and deteriorated, it is generally related to these factors of the effervescent tube. First of all, it depends on whether the effervescent tube is completely sealed. If the seal is not complete, external water vapor will invade the inside of the package, and the effervescent tablet has the characteristics of moisture absorption, which can easily cause deterioration of the preparation by moisture.

Secondly, the anti-drop performance of the packaging should be considered. This performance is mainly to prevent damage to the packaging and damage to the contents due to various external forces during the packaging, transportation, handling, and shelf circulation. The heavier the item, the higher the distance it falls, the higher the impact energy generated, and the higher the strength requirements of the packaging. The anti-drop performance of the effervescent tube can be tested as follows: the desiccant cap and bottle body are dropped at a height of 1 meter, the bottle cap is not broken, and the desiccant must not leak. Since the desiccant of the effervescent tube is generally placed in the cap, if the desiccant leaks, the silica gel and the molecular sieve will directly contact the drug, which will cause pollution to the effervescent tube.

Pharmaceutical packaging is a very rigorous industry, and any one of the packaging testing failures will have a certain impact on the drugs, and even affect the health of patients. When selecting effervescent tube suppliers, manufacturers of effervescent tablets should strictly examine their product quality and production qualifications to ensure drug safety.

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