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Wheather Your Test Strip Tube Choosing is Right

Dec 14 , 2017

How to ensure the test strip tube is right? The following is some features which test strip tube should have.


 Wheather Your Test Strip Tube Choosing is Right

84mm test strip tube with desiccant cap


First, test strip tube as the container for storeing test strip, which has important influence on the shelf of test strip. People usually pay more attention on the sealing of test strip packaging, but ignore the stability problem. The quality stability of batch and batch of test strip tube is the key of stability for test strip. Just like test strip with independing packaging although convenience, batch can not control, so the test result is also easy error. Test strip tube is also the same. The excellent test strip tube need smallest error between batch and batch, which is the final result.


 Wheather Your Test Strip Tube Choosing is Right

96mm test strip tube


Second, the process of machinary working smoothly. At present, the use of the bucket test bar is mostly European and American machine, the good test strip tube has the same flow stability on different machines, reducing the production cost of the single product.

Third, at present, there are 25 pieces/pail on the market for test strip tube, usually required two or three month used out after sealing off. It also means that end customers are people who need long-term monitoring, which is to stabilize the customer base.At present, the homogenization of products is serious. If you let the customer remember that you approve of you, on the one hand, the bottle should be printed in accordance with the senses of the end consumer, and on the other hand, the product should be anti-counterfeiting.Every company has its own way of branding, and the brand of the product will let the product speak for itself.

Check your test strip tube, do you use it right?

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