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What should I pay attention to when storing drugs

Apr 10 , 2019

Many drugs in the process of household storage will cause problems such as dampness of the drug. The dampness of the drug will cause the quality of the drug to drop. So what should be paid attention to when storing the drug?

What should I pay attention to when storing drugs

effervescent packaging

1.Store in a closed state. After taking the medicine, it should be sealed as soon as possible to prevent the oxygen in the air from reacting with the medicine and causing the medicine to deteriorate.

2. Take care to avoid light. Since most western medicines are chemical agents, the irradiation of ultraviolet rays in sunlight can accelerate the deterioration of medicines. Therefore, care should be taken to avoid light when storing medicines in pharmaceutical packaging.

3. Pay attention to the temperature. Liquid preparations, such as general cough syrup, anti-allergic syrup, antipyretic analgesics or anti-snoring sputum preparations, these medicines do not need to be placed in the refrigerator after opening the bottle, as long as they are stored at room temperature. If you need special instructions to be refrigerated in the refrigerator, you should follow the instructions. For example, most of the anal suppositories need to be placed in the refrigerator freezer to avoid softening.

4. Pay attention to moisture. Some drugs are very easy to absorb the moisture in the air, which causes the drug to fail. When storing medicines, try to store places with less water vapor, reduce the contact between medicines and water vapor, and store medicines in cool places.

What should I pay attention to when storing drugs

desiccant caps

At present, for moisture-proof products, desiccant packaging can protect the drug from moisture. At present, most of the drugs that require moisture protection use moisture-proof bottles to protect the drugs, and have a good protection effect against moisture.

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