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What medicines can be contained in the tablet medicine bottle

Jul 21 , 2021

Tablet medicine bottles are generally made of polymer materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene or polyester. This type of packaging bottle has a large mouth and a desiccant is placed inside the bottle to absorb moisture. It can not only be used as a packaging for tablet medicines, It can also contain capsules and pills.

What medicines can be contained in the tablet medicine bottle

50ml desiccant bottle

Molnupiravir for moisture-proof packaging of drugs two requirements

medicine cap

Capsules: The drugs packed in capsules are generally powders or granules that are irritating to the esophagus and gastric mucosa, or have a bad taste, are easy to volatilize, are easily broken down by saliva in the mouth, and are easily inhaled into the trachea. These medicines are packed in capsules, which not only protects the properties of the medicines from being destroyed, but also protects the digestive organs and respiratory tract.

Pills: Pills are spherical or spheroid-like preparations made of medicinal powders or medicinal material extracts plus suitable binding auxiliary materials. Classification according to the preparation method: 

①Plastic pills, such as honey pills, paste pills, concentrated pills, wax pills, etc.; 

②Pan pills, such as water pills, water honey pills, concentrated pills, paste pills, etc.; 

③Drip pills (dropping pills). Classified by excipients: water pill, honey pill, water pill, paste pill, wax pill, etc.

What medicines can be contained in the tablet medicine bottle

HDPE pill bottle

Whether it is tablets, capsules, or pills, these drugs are all solid preparations, which have high requirements on the tightness and moisture resistance of the packaging. The tablets and medicine bottles have abundant raw materials, various shapes and colors, and polymer materials can also be used. By adding additives to improve its performance, it can meet the storage requirements of capsules and pills.

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