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What are the expected ways of veterinary drugs

Oct 21 , 2019

Expected way of veterinary drugs is mainly divided into two modes: group administration and individual administration.

Group administration:

1 mixed water administration: first of all, to understand the solubility of the drug in water; secondly, calculate the dosage of the drug according to the amount of drinking water, if the drug is poor in water stability, consider the "thirst medication"; 

2 mixed drug administration method: the drug is mixed into the feed for free feeding, but the drug and the feed must be mixed evenly, and the dilution method can be adopted;

3 aerosol administration;

4 with chicken disinfection: 1 time in summer, 1 time every 3-5 days in spring and autumn, once a week in winter.

What are the expected ways of veterinary drugs

8ml udder plastic syringe

Individual administration:

1 Oral administration: The advantages are safe, convenient and economical. The disadvantage is that the drug takes a slow and irregular time. However, the following situations should not be taken orally: the affected animal is in critical condition, cannot swallow or vomit, or can not be absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract or the drug itself is easily destroyed by the gastrointestinal acid or alkali in the gastrointestinal tract or can not obtain the drug orally. Oral can only have a diarrhea effect, such as sedation must be injected;

2 injection: the advantage is that the drug absorption is fast and complete, the dose is accurate, the effect is good, the disadvantage is that the operation is troublesome, the sterility requirement is high, if the injection device is not sterilized, the infection may be caused, and the injection may cause pain. Injection administration includes subcutaneous injection, intramuscular injection, intravenous injection, intrathecal injection, sac injection, arterial injection, joint capsule injection, intramammary injection, etc.;

3 topical administration: rubbing, dusting, wet compressing, dripping, enema, inhalation, implantation, etc.

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