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Instructions of test strip

Oct 22 , 2019

Water quality test strip, also known as water quality test semi-quantitative test strip, applied in the food, chemical, municipal sewage, medical, sewage treatment industry, electroplating industry, agriculture and flowers (soil analysis), dairy processing industry.

Instructions of tests trip vial

test strip vial 

Explanation of the principle and results of water test strips:

When comparing with the standard color code, the test results can be judged by referring to the values in the table. When suspicious, the test can be repeated, and when the drinking water sample is positive, further inspection is required.

1. PH: The PH range is from 5.0 to 8.5, and the measured value is usually within 0.5 units.

2. Nitrite: This test is specific for nitrite and does not react with other substances in the water. Any color that is uniform in color should be judged as a positive result.

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