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Requirements for COP vials of cell-based drugs

Nov 14 , 2022

In recent years, the field of cell therapy has entered a period of rapid development. It has shown increasing application value in cancer, blood disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, familial hypercholesterolemia and other fields, and has become a research topic at home and abroad. hot spot. As a high value-added drug, what are the requirements for COP bottle packaging?

Application of COP vial in high pH value drug

5ml COP vial

Application of COP vial in high pH value drug

100ml COP injection vial

The pharmaceutical packaging, along with the market circulation, transportation and storage period of the drug, plays a very important role in the stability and safety of the drug. Cell-based drugs refer to a class of compounds that kill cells by disturbing the basic metabolic process of cells. A notable feature of this type of drug is that it contains protein components, and the protein is easily adsorbed on the surface of the package, causing waste of the drug and affecting the dosage of the drug. Therefore, the packaging of cell-based drugs must have low protein adsorption.

Cell-based drugs generally need to be stored in a liquid nitrogen environment, and an ultra-low temperature environment can ensure the activity of the drug. Therefore, COP bottles must have good low temperature resistance in order to meet the storage requirements of such drugs.

To sum up, low protein adsorption and low temperature resistance are the two basic requirements of cell-based drugs for COP bottles, and are also two key properties to ensure drug stability during storage. In addition, this kind of packaging also has the characteristics of very good chemical stability, and it is not easy to change color after irradiation sterilization. It is a commonly used packaging for high pH drugs and antitumor drugs.

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