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Precautions for the use of empty eye drop bottle

May 27 , 2021

Eye drops are the main ophthalmic drugs and are stored in dedicated eye drops bottles. As a high-risk route of administration, the sterility of the bottle and the protection of the liquid from being contaminated are of great significance to people's eye health. Therefore, the following issues should be paid attention to when using empty eye drop bottle:

Precautions for the use of empty eye drop bottle

eye drop bottle

1. Put the bottle cap upside down

After opening the empty eye drop bottle, most people are accustomed to putting the bottle cap down on the table, so that it is easy to contaminate the bacteria on the contact surface, and it is easy to cause the bacteria to enter the bottle and bring the risk of use. The correct way is to place the bottle mouth up or side on a flat surface according to the shape of the bottle cap.

2. Validity period of opening

In many people's opinion, the eye drop bottle can be used as long as it has not passed the expiration date after it is opened. But the ophthalmologist tells you that the shelf life on the bottle usually refers to the unopened use of the bottle, and the general validity period is 1-3 years. In order to increase the validity period of the medicine, most eye drops are added with preservatives. Once opened and used, the liquid medicine may be contaminated by microorganisms in the air as the number of openings increases. Therefore, if it is not used up four weeks after opening, it should be discarded immediately to avoid unnecessary safety hazards to the eyes.

The empty eye drop bottle will be strictly sterilized before being put into use. However, if you do not pay attention to it in the later use, it will still cause the liquid to be contaminated. Patients should raise their safety awareness when using it to ensure the safety of eye medication.

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