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plastic syringe appearance quality distinction

Sep 02 , 2019

The appearance inspection of the plastic syringe mainly includes the overall characteristics of the bottle body, the surface hue, the gloss, the appearance quality and the like, and the visual characteristics perceived by the human being. The basis for the appearance quality inspection is to develop different standards for appearance defects according to the defects of various parts of the plastic bottle. 

plastic syringe appearance quality distinction

plastic syringe manufacturer

The appearance quality of the syringe is usually indicated by the physical object to the minimum allowable limit or a standard sample is prepared. The standard sample is preferably sealed for each defect for verification. However, from the overall requirements of plastic syringe manufacturer, the appearance quality should have uniform milky white color, no obvious color difference, the surface of the product should be smooth and flat, no deformation and obvious scratches are allowed, no sand holes, oil stains, Bubbles, the putter and the sleeve have a good fit.

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