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plastic eye dropper bottles leachables test

Dec 16 , 2019

Plastic eye dropper bottles leachables test method as follow.

For the preparation of the test solution, take an inner area of 600 square centimeters of the flat part of the product, cut it into small pieces of 3 * 0.3cm, put it in a 500Ml conical flask, wash with 150ml of water and shake, discard the washing solution, After drying at 40 ° C, 200ml of water for injection was added, and the tube was sealed, kept at 70 ° C for 24 hours, and taken out. Allow to cool to room temperature to obtain the test solution. Using the same batch of water as a blank solution, the following experiments were performed in order.

plastic eye dropper bottles leachables test

5ml eye dropper bottles

Clarity: Take the appropriate amount of test solution, check according to law, the solution should be clear, if it shows turbidity, it should not be more concentrated than the turbidity standard solution No. 2.

pH change value: Take 20ml each of test solution and blank solution, add 1ml potassium chloride solution, and measure according to law.

Absorbance: Take the appropriate amount of test solution and measure it according to ultraviolet rays. The maximum absorbance should not exceed 0.10 between 220-360nm wavelength.

Easy oxide: Precisely measure 20ml of the test solution, add 20ml of high-moist acid-base titration solution and 1ml of dilute sulfuric acid, and boil for 3 minutes, quickly cool, add 0.1g of potassium iodide, leave in the dark for 5 minutes, titrate with sodium thiosulfate Drop the liquid to light brown, then add 5 drops of starch indicator liquid, drop to colorless. Colleagues do blank experiments. The difference between the two consumption of sodium thiosulfate should not exceed 1.5ml.

Non-volatile matter: Precisely measure 50ml each of the test solution and the blank solution, and place them in an evaporation dish with a constant weight. After evaporating in a water bath, dry at 105 ° C to a constant weight.

Heavy metals: Precisely measure 20ml of the test solution, add 2ml of acetate buffer solution, and check according to law. The content of heavy metals must not exceed one millionth.

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