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PET bottle

Jul 27 , 2018

The raw materila macromolecule of PET bottle has been with aliphatic, which with certain hydrophilicity, the granule is sensitive to water at high temperature. When the water content exceeds the limit, the PET molecular weight decreases in the processing, and the products are colored and crisp. So PET bottle must be dry for raw material before producing, the drying temperature is 165 ℃, more than 4 hours, usually for 165-185 ℃, 3-4 hours.Use the air - shot method to check whether the material is completely dry.


PET medicine  bottle

The machine is preheated. First, the machine is turned on the circulating water and mould water, and the machine preheating reaches the specified temperature environment to enter the next injection molding.

The general injection speed is fast, can prevent injection premature coagulation.But too fast, the shear rate high makes the material fragile.Therefore, according to the capacity of the product, the injection speed of the machine can be adjusted to ensure the quality of the product.

The cooling of the product should be complete, so that the bottle body can be avoided during the packaging process and can be inspected more thoroughly.

The last step is also the most important step, before packaging, make the quality inspection, guarantee the factory pass rate of the product, for the microbial requirements high customer, the packaging, sterilization, strict control of the microbial content.


60ml PET oral liquid bottle

After the whole batch operation is completed, spot check, check qualified delivery.

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