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How to use syringe for cow mastitis

Mar 26 , 2019

Dairy cow mastitis can be as high as 78% in production and is listed as one of the four major diseases of dairy cows. The disease not only causes serious damage to the aquaculture industry, but also brings harm to human health. The treatment of cow mastitis is now generally carried out by means of plastic syringe and catheter for targeted administration. The following is the way to use syringe for cow mastitis.

How to use syringe for cow mastitis

intramammary syringe

For the first and middle stages of illness, it should be sterilized and anti-inflammatory. Choose a small dose, high efficacy and long-lasting sensitive drugs. For severely affected animals, the first treatment standard life-saving, the use of large infusion therapy; chronic type, difficult to eliminate hard blocks, breast area lesions, closed-loop acupoint injection, or deep milk-based injection, breast perfusion, medicated bath.

How to use syringe for cow mastitis

the way to use syringe for cow mastitis

Dairy cow mastitis medication is mainly antibacterial anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and analgesic, supplemented by improved blood circulation. Commonly used antibacterial drugs are penicillin, streptomycin, tetracycline, kanamycin and sulfonamides. The conventional method is to dilute the drug solution to a certain concentration, and directly inject into the milk pool through the teat tube, which can maintain a high concentration locally for therapeutic purposes. The specific operation is to first squeeze the milk or secretion in the affected area, wipe the nipple nozzle and nipple with iodine or alcohol, insert a sterilized milk catheter with a hose or a pointed needle into the nipple through the nipple nozzle, the hose The other end is connected to the syringe, and the liquid is slowly injected into the milk tank. After taking out the catheter, gently rub the nipple tube with your finger for a while, then gently massage the palm milk from the nipple milk pool to the breast milk pool to the acinar tube, and force the liquid to gradually rise and spread to the gland. Acinus. Injecting 2 to 3 times a day can be effectively treated.

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