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How to use intramammary syringe

May 13 , 2019

How to choose intramammary syringe may be a common problem for new veterianry medicine manufacturer, intramammary syringe main be used in dry powder and lactation for cows.

Cow mastitis medicine usually used in a small volume, our most popular syringe for cow mastitis  is 5ml and 10ml. There are a plunger, tube and cap, whcih can also as a container for medicine.

How to use intramammary syringe

veterinary syringe

1. Direct injection, to avoid the staff to cause harm to themselves during the dispensing process.

2. Easy to use, no pollution: When gel medicine is used, only the needle cap needs to be taken off, directly injected, no cross-contamination, and the air is not exposed to the medicine, so that the safe injection is achieved.

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